About Us

About Us

"Leader in Safe City Technologies"

Since its establishment in 1998, Ekin - Leader in Safe City Technologies, has been leading the way to more secure cities all over the world from its offices in Zurich, Stuttgart, New York, Istanbul, Baku, Dubai and Ankara with its game-changing team of 150.

Developing software, hardware and design triple together with its innovative approach, Ekin's safe city solutions include; red light enforcement, speed detection, number plate recognition, smart intersection management, parking violation detection, face recognition, system control, and central management in both mobile and fixed forms.

Successfully developing safety technologies for NATO Summit 2004 and FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany, Ekin's solutions have reached six continents around the world. Over the years, Ekin's achievement has been globally acknowledged, and it has been the company of choice in its area of expertise.

As the initiator of mobile surveillance systems in safe city technologies, Ekin is the inventor of – 'The first and only mobile smart patrol of the world' - Ekin Patrol and 'The first and only smart patrol bike of the world' - Ekin Bike Patrol. Ekin Patrol performing license plate recognition, speed enforcement, and facial recognition on the move with high accuracy is currently being driven in the Middle East and Europe.

Leading the way for developing advanced technologies, innovation, and design, Ekin's achievements have been granted with over twenty-five awards. Lately having "Bronze A' Design Award" with Ekin Box Spotter and "CES Honoree Award" with Ekin Bike Patrol in 2019, Ekin won coveted "Red Dot Award": Best Product Design" in 2018. At the same year, the company has won the "European Product Design Award" with Ekin Patrol. In 2017 – 2018, two years in a row, Ekin has been granted as the "Champion in Export of Information Technologies" in Turkey. With its state-of-art solutions and products, Ekin had won "Game Changer" title in World Technology Awards 2014.

Ekin continues to work with its mission of making modern cities safer and smarter by developing revolutionizing technologies with artificial intelligence and will continue fortifying its pioneering position in the market by setting the standards as the leader in safe city technologies. 


Leading the way to ultimate safe cities all over the world


Crafting the future of safe and smart cities with artificial intelligence



About Us